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Toronto Divorce Lawyers

The separation agreement is a binding contract that is there to help you set out how you should deal with each other now that your marriage is over. Most couples try to do this through negotiation or through a mediator. At the end of the separation, you are granted an uncontested divorce.

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Toronto Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal support amounts can be even more difficult to resolve than child support. There are Suggested Spousal Support Guidelines, which do not have the force of law and are based on a slightly complicated formula and presented as flexible ranges rather than a set amount.

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Toronto Child Support Lawyer Guidelines

For the most part, the question of how to calculate child support is simple to answer. Although family cases used to involve fighting over budgets and children’s needs, today most of our clients simply use the Child Support Guidelines.

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Our best advice is to:

Start with mediation

This is generally far less expensive and time-consuming than any other process, and helps protect your children and your family from needless conflict. Try to settle as many issues between you and the other party as possible.


If mediation doesn't work, hire lawyers who can help you negotiate a solution. We offer a free half-hour consultation, often with our most senior lawyer, who will use his 35 years of experience for your benefit.

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Our Toronto divorce lawyers are as diverse as our practice. We all believe in mediation and alternative dispute resolution and have backgrounds that enable us to advocate on our clients' behalf in various complex family law topics.

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