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6 Things to Try Before Ending Your Marriage

May 23, 2019

Most people get married because they found someone with whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives. But even the strongest couples will have problems at some point in their marriage. It is inevitable.

Maybe you are experiencing problems in your marriage. That does not necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. So, if you are thinking about a divorce, here are some things you should try before you decide to walk away:

1. Start with you

It is unlikely for one spouse to be the cause of all the problems in a marriage. Therefore, the first step in saving your marriage is recognizing the role you play in the conflicts you and your spouse have.

If you are facing personal challenges that affect the way you relate to your spouse you will need to address these issues if you want to move forward. Issues such as low self-esteem and other insecurities can weigh heavily on your relationship. You may want to seek help from a life coach or a counsellor to overcome these issues to, in turn, improve your marriage.

2. Remove the emotional charge

When you and spouse have a disagreement, it can easily escalate when emotions are involved. Instead of having arguments when you are upset, take a walk, practise deep breathing or count to ten before you discuss the issues at hand. This can prevent you from saying something in the heat of the moment that you will later regret.

3. Stop complaining

If you and your spouse are in the habit of complaining about each other, that needs to stop. Instead of constantly complaining, see what it is you want from your spouse and make a request. When you are always complaining, it is likely that your spouse will block out your complaints and not take the actions you desire. This may cause you to become frustrated and perpetuate the problem. If your spouse is the one who is always complaining, you will need to search his or her complaints to identify what it is they would like you to do and see how you can accommodate those requests.

4. Focus on the love

You won’t like your spouse all the time, even when you still love them. Yes, there will be problems, but once you focus on the love you have for each other, you can overcome the challenges in your marriage together.

See a marriage counsellor

Even when it seems there is no hope for your marriage, marriage counselling may help you to identify what went wrong and how it can be fixed. So, if you and your spouse have tried to fix your marriage on your own without success, seeing a marriage counsellor should be your next step.

When to consult a Toronto divorce lawyer

If you have exhausted all other options and you and your spouse were not able to resolve your issues, you should consult a divorce lawyer. If you are searching for a Toronto divorce lawyer, contact us Baker and Baker Family Law.

At Baker and Baker Family Law, we have over 90 years of combined experience and we are in a strong position to help you settle your divorce as efficiently as possible.

At Baker and Baker, we usually start with mediation. This is generally far less expensive and time-consuming than any other process and helps protect your family from unnecessary conflict. We will use this opportunity to try to settle as many issues between you and your spouse as possible. If mediation is unsuccessful, our Toronto divorce lawyers can help to determine the best way forward to negotiate a divorce settlement.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule a free legal consultation with one of our Toronto divorce lawyers.

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