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What to do if you need a divorce lawyer and have no money?

January 8, 2020

If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may need the help of a divorce lawyer. But what should you do if you need a divorce lawyer and do not have the money to retain their services? If you are in Toronto, you may still be able to access legal assistance in your divorce, even if you have financial constraints.

Check with Legal Aid Ontario

If you fall in a low-income bracket, you may contact Legal Aid Ontario. Through the legal aid program, you may have access to a Toronto divorce lawyer who will provide you with legal services at no cost to you. Legal aid lawyers will help you to finalize your divorce and decide on matters such as child custody, support, and access or spousal support.

Search Justice Net

If your income is too high to receive legal aid, but you still cannot afford to hire a divorce lawyer to represent you, you may reach out to Justice Net. Justice Net is a not-for-profit organization that offers legal support for a fee that is calculated based on your income.

Find a Community Legal Clinic

Community legal clinics are another alternative for those who cannot afford to hire a Toronto divorce lawyer. Community legal clinics offer legal information and services for free or at a low-cost. These legal services are provided by lawyers, law students and other legal professionals and range from help to prepare and file divorce documents to full representation during your case.

Try Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Ontario Family Court in Toronto offers subsidized mediation services. Using these services, you may get up to eight hours of mediation for a fee that is charged based on your income. These services are available to anyone going through a divorce, whether you have a court case or not. If you do have a court case, you can access up to two hours of free mediation at the courts.

Ask about limited scope retainers

If you cannot afford to hire a Toronto divorce lawyer for the entirety of your case, you may hire one on a limited scope retainer. With a limited scope retainer, a divorce lawyer will help you with a part of your case or with specific matters. You may ask a lawyer on a limited scope retainer to help you prepare for a court appearance, for example. You may even contact a lawyer’s office to see whether they offer free consultations on family matters. That way, if you do not have the money to retain a lawyer, you can access general information that can help you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities in a divorce.

Do you want to retain a lawyer on a limited scope retainer?

If you want to hire a Toronto divorce lawyer but have limited money available, contact us at Baker and Baker Family Law and ask about our limited scope retainers. At Baker and Baker Law, our lawyers have over 90 years of combined experience in varying matters of family law. We specialize in child custody and support, spousal support, property division, hidden marital assets and fraud, as well as other issues that may arise in a divorce. So, give us a call today to learn how we can help with your case.

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