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What do lawyers do in a divorce?

August 17, 2020

You have heard it repeated time and again; if you are planning on getting a divorce, you should consult a divorce lawyer. But what do divorce lawyers do and why should you hire one?

A divorce lawyer will lessen the stress of divorce

A divorce is one of the most stressful situations one may experience. There are many things to contemplate, and dealing with the breakdown of a marriage may have devastating emotional effects. While going through a divorce, you must contend with the fact that the person with whom you once thought you would spend the rest of your life will no longer be there. Research has even shown that divorce has similar effects to losing a loved one by death.

It does not help that there are financial and legal considerations to be dealt with so you can start planning for your future without your spouse. Managing all the matters that arise in a divorce may seem overwhelming. But if you hire a divorce lawyer, they will be able to handle many of the issues for you, significantly reducing the stress that is associated with the process.

A divorce lawyer will explain how the law relates to your case

You might not know much about family law, and with an experienced divorce lawyer on your side, you won’t need to. Divorce lawyers are familiar with all that is required by law for the dissolution of a marriage and settling of family matters, and they will help you understand and meet all those requirements. That way, you can avoid any mistakes that may cause delays in the process or actions that have significant legal or financial implications.

A divorce lawyer will help you remain objective

Being emotional during a divorce can lead you to be irrational. Therefore, a clear mind is necessary for an efficient divorce process. A divorce lawyer does not have a personal stake in a divorce and will be a great source of unbiased, expert advice. This objectivity will prove helpful as you make crucial decisions about your future.

A divorce lawyer can negotiate on your behalf

Imagine how difficult it may be to negotiate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse when you are dealing with the emotional pain your split has caused. Furthermore, if you both disagree on important matters or harbour resentment towards each other, neither of you may be willing to compromise when it comes to the other’s demands.

When a lawyer acts as your representative during negotiations, you will find that the process will be more effective. If you still wish to be a part of the discussions, a divorce lawyer may act as a mediator as you try to reach a divorce agreement with your spouse.

Divorce lawyers can help with the division of assets

A divorce lawyer can help you to distinguish between personal assets and marital assets that must be shared. In addition to identifying what assets should be divided, a divorce lawyer will also ensure that when these assets are distributed, you will receive a fair portion.

A divorce lawyer can fight to protect your parental rights

If you are in the middle of a custody battle, a divorce lawyer will fight to ensure you will still be able to be a part of your children’s lives after divorce. They may also help you settle matters such as child support.

A divorce lawyer will help expedite your divorce

One thing that most people going through a divorce have in common is that they want the process to be over a soon as possible. If you do not want your divorce to drag on indefinitely, hire a divorce lawyer to help move the process along. Note, though, that while having a lawyer will help expedite the process, the length of your divorce will depend on varying factors.

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