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How to Prepare for an Initial Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

October 14, 2020

Planning for marriage usually doesn’t involve planning for its demise. However, approximately 38 percent of Canadian marriages end in divorce, with the average marriage today lasting seven years.

If you are going through a divorce, one of the most important steps is finding the right lawyer.

Your first meeting with a divorce lawyer is an extremely important yet stressful event. Many individuals experience a range of emotions while going through a divorce, such as anger, hurt, anxiety, and depression. As a result, they may not be at their best during their first consultation. Adequate preparation is key to ensure a successful first meeting with a lawyer.

Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer:

Do your research

The divorce lawyer you select must be competent and experienced. So, before meeting with any lawyer, do your research. If you live in Toronto, one good way to find lawyers is by checking the directory of the Law Society of Ontario. When you’ve identified potential lawyers, look for client reviews. In addition to reviews, it’s important to check how many years each lawyer has been practicing family law and ensure that their experience aligns with your needs, especially if your divorce is particularly complicated. See as well if there is any information regarding professional misconduct against the lawyers you are considering.

Chronicle the relationship

Once you have scheduled a consultation with a lawyer, prepare a detailed history of your relationship. Include important events such as the date you started living together, the date you got married, the dates children were brought into the union and major financial transactions such as property acquisition and other relevant details.

Gather financial information

A lawyer will need accurate information to assess the state of your finances. This will play an important part in determining how assets will be divided. You will need to provide information about your income and the balance of all financial accounts, including savings and investment accounts. Full details about any assets or property that either party owns, whether located in the country or overseas, should also be provided as well as information regarding liabilities.

Prepare a list of questions

Another way to prepare for your first meeting with a divorce lawyer is to write down all the questions that come to mind in the days leading up to the consultation. With the pressure of the first meeting, you may forget the important things you need to ask.

Below are some things you might want to know:

  • Does the lawyer have experience with cases like yours?
  • What is the easiest way to resolve your divorce?
  • How can the lawyer help you to achieve your goals?
  • What steps should you be taking to protect yourself?
  • What is worth fighting for, and what is not?
  • Approximately how much will your case cost, and how will you be charged?
  • Based on the information you provided, what should you anticipate during the divorce process?

The decisions made during a divorce are life-changing ones. Therefore, the lawyer you choose should be one who is knowledgeable and able to explain your rights, responsibilities, and options clearly.

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