When You Run Out Of Time, Consider a Standstill Agreement

When to consider the Standstill Agreement. With many individuals getting married later in life, after having established their careers and accumulated some wealth on their own, it is not uncommon for couples to want to enter into a Marriage Contract.

Marriage Contracts can outline how you want to deal with property and support issues in the event of a breakdown of your marriage by, for example, providing that there will be no spousal support payable or by excluding certain assets from division of property.

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Can a Couple Share a Divorce Lawyer?

Can a couple share a divorce lawyer? You’ve made the decision to get a divorce, now its time to find a divorce lawyer. There’s the one you’re considering, but you discover your spouse has already retained that lawyer’s services. Now you are wondering whether you can still use the same lawyer for the divorce. The answer is no. You cannot share a divorce lawyer with your spouse. Here’s why:

The law prohibits spouses from sharing a divorce lawyer

The code of professional conduct that governs the legal profession prohibits a divorce lawyer from representing both spouses in a divorce.

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What is Disclosure in a Divorce?

To determine how assets will be divided in the divorce, you, your spouse and your respective legal counsel will need to know what those assets are. Disclosure is the process by which all parties get information regarding the other’s income, assets and debts. It is crucial that all parties are honest and forthcoming with financial information if they want to reach a fair divorce settlement quickly.

How to exchange financial disclosure

Usually, disclosure is a voluntary process that is done by filing a Notice to Disclose.

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6 Things to Try Before Ending Your Marriage

Most people get married because they found someone with whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives. But even the strongest couples will have problems at some point in their marriage. It is inevitable.

Maybe you are experiencing problems in your marriage. That does not necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. So, if you are thinking about a divorce, here are some things you should try before you decide to walk away:

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Separation Agreements – What is Required?

The family law system in Ontario encourages litigants to settle their matter together instead of resorting to a judicial determination. The theory is that if the parties enter into an agreement about how to move forward as a separated couple they are more likely to be satisfied, and thereby adhere to, the terms of the settlement. Though formal separation agreements are not required to separate, they provide the peace of mind often required by parties to move on with the confidence of their financial and childcare position.

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Reasons to Keep Money Separate From Your Spouse

Some research suggests that money is a primary factor in more than half the divorces in Canada. Therefore, it is important that you carefully consider how you and your spouse will handle your financial matters.

When it comes to marriage finances, there are different schools of thought on how accounts should be held. Some believe that husbands and wives should pool all their finances while others think they should maintain separate accounts. If you are contemplating how to handle finances in your marriage,

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