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Toronto Spousal Support Lawyer

August 12, 2015

Spousal support amounts can be even more difficult to resolve than child support. There are Suggested Spousal Support Guidelines, which do not have the force of law and are based on a slightly complicated formula and presented as flexible ranges rather than a set amount. Decisions on spousal support take into account:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Difference in incomes
  • Work history
  • Future work prospects
  • Health
  • The spouses’ ages

The purpose of spousal support is to give a lower-income spouse, who may have sacrificed income and career opportunities during the marriage, time to get back on his or her feet, and compensation for the lost income and career opportunities. In general, the shorter the marriage, the shorter the duration of spousal support. For marriages that have lasted 20 years or more, spousal support may be for life.

Resentment, anger, and misunderstandings of each spouse’s rights and responsibilities can make this a very emotional and trying subject to try to resolve. It’s important to have a steady, knowledgeable professional to help you come to an agreement that will work for everyone so that the situation doesn’t deteriorate into a destructive court battle.

At Baker and Baker Family Lawyers in Toronto, we will begin by showing you the base range amount. Our Toronto spousal support lawyer will then help you decide where in that range your support amount should be and whether you would prefer to pay or receive a lump sum or extend payments over time. If possible we will help you resolve your issues with your spouse through negotiation and mediation, so that the solutions you come to do not take an extraordinary amount of time, effort and money to resolve.

As your circumstances change, with job and income changes and possible remarriages, we will also help you with spousal support variation, ensuring that your amount of spousal support remains fair and reasonable.

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