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Court Addresses

  • Where can I find out a Court office address?

Custody and Access

  • What is supervised access?
  • My wife and I are going to separate. If our children live with her, will I still be entitled to a joint custody arrangement?
  • My ex-spouse is going to move to another city for a better job opportunity and I won’t be able to visit my child during my regular access. Will my ex-spouse be able to move with our child?

Divorce Proceedings

  • Why should I have a lawyer represent me in family law matters?
  • What do I do if my spouse has filed for divorce?
  • How do I resolve the issues arising out of my separation from my spouse?
  • What is a Separation Agreement?
  • What are my rights in a common law relationship?
  • What are grounds for obtaining a divorce?
  • What is a motion?
  • How do you legally dissolve a common law marriage?
  • What is a financial statement?
  • Is it possible to have the terms and conditions outlined in an order changed?
  • Under what circumstances may I obtain a restraining order?
  • Is a marriage contract valid if it prepared after marriage?

Marriage Contracts

  • I inherited money during my marriage. Do I have to share my inheritance with my former spouse?
  • How is the Matrimonial Home divided between parties at separation?
  • Are there any items that I do not have to split the value of with my ex-spouse?
  • How can I protect my property or business that I am bringing into a marriage?

Support & Property Division

  • Who must provide income information for the purpose of paying support?
  • Is child support paid while a child is attending college or university?
  • Can I share my spouse’s Canada Pension Plan credits?
  • Where can I find detailed information about child support amounts and obligations?
  • Can I vary the support order if my ex spouse does not agree?
  • What if there is shared or split custody of the children?
  • How will I obtain a copy of my existing child support order if I can’t find the original?
  • What do I do if my spouse has filed for divorce?
  • What if we are unable to agree on terms of a Separation Agreement?
  • I invested more money in the matrimonial home during the marriage, do I receive a larger portion of its value at separation?

Will & Estate Planning

  • What is a guardian?
  • How can I find a copy of a deceased person’s will?
  • How do I apply for death benefits?
  • How do I determine the amount of estate administration tax?
  • What is a certificate of appointment of estate trustee?
  • How do I find out which court the will was filed in?
  • I have remarried and have a marriage contract. My spouse has died. Do the obligations in our marriage contract survive death?
  • What are my rights to property and assets if my spouse dies?