Toronto Grandparents Visitation lawyer

If mediation and negotiation don’t work, there is a legal recourse through the courts, but it is difficult to use. Grandparents can apply for access to their grandchildren through the courts as “third-party members,” with no special rights to the child.

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Toronto Domestic Violence And Assault Lawyer

Family violence is a very serious problem. Domestic abuse can cause untold damage to a family, to spouses and to children. If you are a victim of family violence, the police should be involved.

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Toronto Child Relocation Lawyer

When a parent who has custody of a child wants to move and the noncustodial parent doesn’t agree, it presents a serious challenge to the courts.

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Toronto Marital Hidden Assets and Fraud lawyer

An unpleasant part of divorce is that spouses often feel emotional and resentful toward each other and may not care about fairness, the law or the other spouse’s rights. Particularly if the higher-earning spouse was in charge of most of the finances, he or she may be tempted to not disclose the full extent of his or her financial worth.

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