Toronto Common Law Marriage Lawyer

In Ontario, you are considered to be in a common-law relationship if you have been living together as a couple for three years, or for one year if there is a child born from the relationship.

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Toronto Separation Agreement Lawyer

When you draw up a separation agreement, it deals with the situation you are in at that moment. If your marriage is short and there are no children or large amounts of complex property involved, your separation agreement may only be necessary for a short while.

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Toronto Same Sex Divorce lawyer

If you are part of a same-sex couple, your marriage or relationship is treated the same as any other under the law in Canada. This means that if you are married and your relationship ends, issues of property, children and spousal support are covered under the Divorce Act.

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Toronto Mediation Lawyer

There are many different forms of alternative dispute resolution. They are an alternative to the court system, with its high costs, long delays and atmosphere of conflict.

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