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irina Ilmer

August 11, 2015

I have been a customer of Baker & Baker services since 2000 till present . During this period, I have observed the evolution of the organization, yet the culture of the organization had always reflected equity, provision of confidence to their clients and properly chosen strategy of action in order to bring the most favorable outcome, either through Court of Law or through mediation process. Despite of different work styles, both Donald Baker and Andrea Di Battista demonstrated true commitment, proficiency and ability to find manageable resolutions of high complexity cases. The depth of expertise, a sharp mind and an intuitive capacity to make the right decision at the right time that was conveyed by Don Baker from 2000 till present has always been greatly cherished by me . Incredible dedication, charisma, intelligence, compassion and expertise of Andrea Di Battista who stayed up with me until midnight to complete the paperwork on numerous occasions, who was my main support, my right hand, and the person who lead me through multiple court proceedings since 2013 till present ( 2015), will never be forgotten. I will also never forget the feeling of confidence, comfort and trust instilled by Andrea and Don transmitted by Baker and Baker office staff ( Shaina, Christina and other). I am positive that Baker and Baker Law firm will do their very best to deliver on their promises to clients as they have the correct tools and qualities, which include, but are not limited to, expertise, transparency collaborative approach and genuine understanding of the need of the client in light of the existing circumstances. Sincerely, Irina IlmerJanuary, 2015

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